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Feb 6, 2012

VSS - Consuming Free Disk Space


    This is a simple post but it can helps sometimes due misunderstanding about VSS or due missing configuration VSS properly.


    The folder 'System Volume Information' has been consuming all free space under drive D:\ (it can happens in other drive letter like C:\, E:\) 

    It's important always check all drivers you have on the Server to make sure where the VSS is configured.


    • Identified the Volume Shadow Copy was misconfigured and it's cause the lack of space.

    Volume “D:\”  was configured with default VSS configured
    Volume “C:\” hadn't any size limit configure properly and the Shadow Copy option was point to another volume "D:\" as the pic below:

    • Shadow copy storage was set to D: drive from C:
    • Configure the Size Limit properly and after that the Disk will release the free data again.

    Articles Related 
    This behavior usually happens on Windows Server 2003, Veritas Backup software is installed. In this case, Symantec has published an article with respect to this behavior and how to solve it.

    Microsoft also published an article with the same procedures: - Disk space runs out on Windows Server 2003 based computers where Veritas backup is running

    Credits by Luciano Brena

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