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Dec 19, 2011

OCS Live meeting error 0x80092010


It's a new post after moving to a new position in another company.  (it's the summary done by Microsoft Support).
This issue is interesting and very specific let's try check if it can help you.

The symptom --> External users unable to Join a Live meeting and getting an error 0x80092010. The users unable to join live meeting externally on internet.

Cause :  The Front end servers were not updating web conferencing edge server details. The front end servers has error message “Failed to connect external users because the list of proxies is empty.

Resolution   : 
Ø Verified the certificates installed  on the front and the Edge Servers.
Ø Verified that OCS Front End and Pool FQDN are added to Internal properties of the all Edge Server
Ø Verified that on Pool  web conferencing properties have correct information of Edge Server FQDN.
Ø Restarted the web conferencing services on each front end Servers in Pool.

More information:
Ø The users was not able to join live meeting getting an error message 0x80092010.
Ø We verified the MTLS certificate on the Office communication front end servers and Edge Servers.
Ø We verified the CRL using  certutil command certutil -f –urlfetch -verify [FilenameOfCertificate]
Ø We Collected the Live meeting PwConsolLog and LM UccApilog.
Ø In the uccapilog logs we noticed the following message - <key>numberOfProxies</key> <value>0</value>
Ø Based on the Event we verified that OCS Pool web conferencing properties. In the web conferencing edge server tab we verified that Internal FQDN has FQDN of two edge servers. Also External FQDN has listed the external name for web conferencing
Ø We verified that Edge Servers has listed on Internal Tab all the Server FQDN and pool nMae.
Ø We downloaded the CRL certificate on both the Edge Server and installed on both the Edge Server.
Ø We logged on to all front end servers tested the Telnet to internal interface of Edge Server on port 8057.
Ø We logged on to the Edge Servers and tested the Telnet to all the Front End servers on port 8057.
Ø We verified if Front End server IP address is resolvable from two Edge Servers.
Ø We checked the event logs on front End servers. Noticed event ID  41061 “Failed to connect external users because the list of proxies is empty.”
Ø We restarted Office Communications Server Web Conferencing on all the four front end servers. That updated proxies information on pool.

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