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Nov 1, 2011

How to restore deleted Printers

Hello Everyone!

I worked in one issue that can happen to everyone and understand how to restore/rollback the situation to original state can save your neck.
For some reason there was a single Print Server with many Printers configured and by mistake these printers were deleted accidentally. Now we need to know to rollback these Printers to server.
In this scenario we've a Windows Server 2003.

Actions Taken

    - If for some miracle you've the PrintMig backup of this Print Server, use it now and restore the Printers.
    - If not so we will need the Backup.
    - Checked the full backup of this server.
    - Depending the Backup Solution you will need to double check the way to restore the following folders and files:
    - The restore must contains the system state, system service and, C:\windows\system32\config
    - Finished the Backup Restore Process and restart the Server.
    - After restarting all Printers will be available again! And your neck is safe now :)


    - The solution is: BACKUP ALWAYS!


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