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Nov 2, 2010

Cluster Member Win2K3 Cannot Join on the Cluster Admin

Node "XYZ01" cannot finish the Join on Windows Server 2003 Cluster Environment.
When try starts the Cluster Service on Cluadmin the message error "Could not start cluster service on XYZ01 ERROR 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly".

Two node Failover Cluster
Node OS Version --- Build 3790 Windows Enterprise Server 2003
Node Service Pack - Service Pack 2
The Quorum Drive -- Q:\MSCS\
The Quorum Reset Value is -- 4096 KB

Cluster Networks
PRIVATIVA-01 Private Only
Local Area Connection(2) All Comm

Cluster Networks Priority
Local Area Connection(2)

For this issue the solution was related to Hotfixes KB968389 and KB975467.
" If you install update 968389 before you apply this security update, you are offered this update to address the vulnerability on your computer. If you install update 968389 after you apply this security update, you will be offered only update 968389 for installation. However, this security update does contain the update to address this security vulnerability. Upon successful installation, both "Extended Protection for Authentication (KB968389)" and this security update are listed as installed software."

To solve the issue you should use the and choose the "LET ME FIX".

An simple example about how the hotfixes should be installed

XYZ01 ------------
10/21/2010 9:38:16 AM Information XYZ01 4377 NtServicePack CORP\xyzuser Windows Server 2003 Hotfix KB968389 was installed.
2/6/2010 Windows Server 2003 Hotfix KB975467 was installed.
8/17/2009 Update for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (KB968389).


Explanation about the Case/Scenario:
Although this solution looks like really simple, this scenario and complexity was too hard to find this solution.
I really recommend if you saw something similar to try the "Best Practices" for Cluster Windows 2003 at the first action.

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